Where does Citra store its shaders cache?

Assuming Citra has one (considering new effects slow down the game only once and even restarting Citra doesnt bring these slowdowns back do I assume it does or atleast has something similair) where does it store them? I tried looking in the Citra folder in appdata/roaming but renaming it doesn’t seem to do anything so it must be stored somewhere else.

Citra doesn’t store it’s shader cache, that’s up to the graphics driver.

Interesting. I’m running an NVidia GPU here (740m) is there a way to remove these or disable it from using this? Mainly want to know for debugging and testing purposes.

Edit: Already found it (it’s in the NVidia configuration panel). Interestingly enough it seems to reduces the amount of slowdown encountered when expensive effects are rendered. With as downside that these slowdowns return when you close the game. For more powerful PCs this might acually give a smoother experience.