Where Folder Location to Update Game

I have data updates for One Piece Grand Battle Super X, but I do not know where the location of the folder to put it.
File name I downloaded is:

I’m using this tool (CDN-FX) for get update, please check this link:

Can you help me about this?

At the moment, the only way to make the updated game to work with Citra is to insert the update into the own game, as it can’t use the updates as they are at the moment, through, I don’t know how to insert the update into the game, sorry.


Thanks, but … how to insert update into the game?

Not a problem, but, as I have said, I don’t know, you’d better wait for someone who knows to reply to this post.

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The process is long. You have to download a few applications, as well as other files from your 3DS. However, if you’re still interested, here is a guide that should have enough information for you to figure out how to repack the rom with the update.

How To Decrypt, Extract, and Rebuild ROMS


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