Where i can download correct version? x32 x64

I got this error. But I can’t find the version for my win32bit. Give me the link for download pls.

32-bit operating systems are not supported by Citra. Either install a 64-bit OS, or you’re out of luck.

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Really? I dont see anything like that (require 64b) at download page, feel.sad. Trolled.

How? It’s in the FAQ. 64-bit should be the standard. Most PCs are 64-bit now.

Why not add an small text at your homepage or download page, not that tiny in wall of text FAQ. Its basic. And im laugh on you with that “Most PCs are 64-bit now”, stop smoke.

btw, im done.

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Well check all the new games they are all 64-bit.

and i see your using Windows XP.