Where is Citra Headed?

This might seem like a random question, but where is Citra headed now? Is Citra only undergoing minor improvements while the devs think about where the project is headed, or is Citra already moving towards the next target? And if so, what is that target?

By direction or target, I mean if Citra is working towards being compatible with more titles, even more performance increase (maybe multi-core?), better online functionality (download-play or native), or resolving major issues or accuracy problems (like in LM2)? It’s been a while since I’ve noticed any significant difference in the Citra builds, and I’m curious to find out.

That is not to say Citra isn’t making progress. I’ve noticed minor performance improvements in the recent builds and I’m aware of the new config options being added, and I really appreciate the work of Citra team. I’m just asking what the next big goal would be.

Developers work on whatever they feel like. There isn’t any set goal.

Also some features need many months before they can be merged if at all.
The new hardware renderer was such one, so you can’t expect having major improvements every week/month let alone with every new build (since Citra currently only has two very active developers).

If major issues arise and the developer can’t finish his work then some features are just dying or in a long freezing state.
For example the pull request in regards to a possible save state feature got recently closed because it isn’t worked on since quite some time.

As of today it looks like these are ongoing experiments.

  1. Looking for a method to improve the shader compilation process and reduce stutters
  2. Looking into audio emulation and custom audio firmware which makes some games currently unplayable.

Some of that might be sucessfull some might not and as always nobody gives a time frame.