Where is the Cheats tab?

I like what you just said now. It is true that you have to make time to find other people to help with the emulator to bring the cheats back.

I understand your frustrations. I am not a developer, just a gamer who loves to play games with or without cheats.

I have to compliment you on doing such a good job with Citra emulator. I may be a little disappointed that I cannot get Sun, Moon and X Pokemon games to work because the emulator is still a work in progress. But I am happy to at least be able to play one of the Pokemon games that is playable.

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  • 3.92GB RAM
  • Screen: 1366x768, 60Hz

If you had a brain, you would realize you can cheat using Cheat Engine.

The integrated cheat feature, would not have worked, so why spend time doing something that would not Work ?

as a small update, a developer has been working on cleaning up the kernel and memory allocation code, which has fixed several cheat codes. no word yet if it fixes enough problems that citra will officially get cheats, but this is the first progress towards getting cheat codes added in a long time.

also sun/moon run fine on citra. with your setup it might be a tad on the slow side tho. if you need more help with it open a new thread on the forums.


It’s sad but I understand the reason. Personally, for simple straightforward cheats (money, HP, etc.), I use Cheat Engine which works great !

You may want to read the rest of the thread. Cheats are being re-implemented due to more accurate memory allocation.

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I always did emulators to do games which really you may never find again and I always like to have cheats as not a way to really exploit them just add a more enjoyable time (really 99% of the items dont even use) just hope you guys can add the cheat menu again like the DS for android as ik this still in beta but that also a reason to give you guys time till the app completed and rolled out to be officially completed and hope you guys get the cheats working just I spent so long trying to find out why they never work but least now I can see why as I prefer more simple ways to add them as also did the GBA ways were manually did it (a pain considering needs to be exact game version for the cheat using en such) but I will still keep the app and the games already have just to wait for the day the cheats be added after all Citra really the best emulator for 3DS on stability and no lag