Which are the lowest settings for the current Nightly version?

My PC is not the best thing in the world, I’ve been playing Pokémon Alpha Sapphire and its quite slow in many situations. Which are the fastest settings possible?

Try these settings on the Graphics Tab:

Enable Hardware Renderer [CHECK]
…Internal Resolution [Native 400x240]
…Enable Hardware Shader [CHECK]
… …Accurate Multiplication [UNCHECK]
… …Accurate Geometry Shader [UNCHECK]
Enable Shader JIT [CHECK]

Also, try the Canary version, it’s known for being much faster than the Nightly one.

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u may have to check if hardware shader works for u,
as it crashes a lot of games for me on start up,
frankly the only game i know that works through GPU for me is fantasy life.

Thank you, the Canary is indeed faster, it works fine for 90% of the time now. Another thing, though, is there a fast forward option in it? Pokémon can be quite slow sometimes…

There is a Toggle Speed Limit hot jey (Ctrl + Z) but it will depend on your PC hardware since it just unlocks the frame limit. Your PC will need to be powerful enough to play above the frame limit.

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