Which gpu for i3-7100?

i have a CPU i3-7100 3.9 GHz. What gpu do i need to play at 1080p 30fps?
I’m particularly interested in playing Zelda Botw, Animal Crossing, Pokemon Scarlat and… Tears of the Kingdom :grin:
I was thinking of buying a used GTX 970. it’s a good idea?

With integrated GPU yuzu runs too slow.

In order for us to provide better support, we need to see the log generated by yuzu. This guide will walk you through how you can obtain the log file: Getting Log Files - yuzu

You need to upgrade your cpu not just your gpu.

really? with my cpu i can’t play even at 720p 30fps?

For the games you mentioned, doubtful.

Your type of hardware set even with a gpu is better suited for maybe 3ds emulation and earlier

I think that an i5 of the same generation will do the job very well, can be a good opportunity especially with the intel the pins are on the motherboard, the problem comes from the fact that the i3 has started have 4 cores from the eighth generation, normally your i3 has two cores two threads
for the gpu, 970, 1060, 1050ti, rx 570, rx 580, ctx 1650, have almost the same performance, these days there are offers for rx580 on a well-known Chinese site which does not exceed 90 us dollars , shipping included

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also WiiU works good (with integrated gpu): Zelda botw runs 24-30fps at 720p. 45fps on shrines.

So stick to that then?

Quickstart Guide - yuzu in case you’re curious on the general hardware requirements of yuzu. Shoot for more recent cpu with more cores and thread. Gpu wise it doesn’t really matter (Better gpu just receives more driver support and usually has more vram for things like scaling which you’re not planning on doing anyways). If you’re partial to nvidia go for something that is 1k series at least like Malm06 was suggesting. Earlier are being phased out of driver support slowly but surely. Similar gpu’s around the age of my gtx750 have been dropped already :sweat_smile:

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in your opinion an intel i3-12100 is able to running games at 720p 30fps without external gpu card?

Compared to the i3-7100 you mentioned? Yeah much better & that is still receiving driver support. If you can pair it with some nice speed memory that can also be to your benefit. Not just high capacity of ram memory.

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I can’t give valid estimate if it can reach solid 30fps experience in every game as I do not have that cpu and almost all switch games are designed differently. But still some food for thought :pray:

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