Which kind of processor CITRA will be optimized for?

Hi, i’ve currently an I3-7100, and this processor is one of the best for single core performances, so for games and programs that use only one or two cores
I can run perfectly emulators such as pcsx2 and from what i can see on youtube, it can run CEMU at 60fps too

I tried citra on it with pokemon ORAS and i get decent performances but in some cities i have some major slowdowns and a lot of audio glitches

I don’t know if the problem could come from citra using multiple cores (strange thing, my processor in the task manager is not even at 100%)
or from a known bug that will be fixed to optimize performances

and in this case i’d like to know if citra will be optimized for single/dual core performances or for multi core performances since the dual or single core would be the best for my CPU

(it doesn’t come from my gpu or ram, i’ve a GTX 1050 and 8gb ram ddr4 )

First off, try the Citra Canary version if you haven’t done so already. It currently has a huge speedup from Nightly.
The audio glitches come from your inability to get full speed emulation.

Citra is currently single-threaded. A dev tried to implement multi-core emulation into Citra, but it ultimately failed, since the 3DS also uses 1 core for the game.

I have a i3-6100 myself and I can get 30 FPS everywhere in the game.

I tried the canary, and even with it, i get less than 30 fps in this kind of cities
and my processor doesn’t even use 50%, only 30% so it doesn’t seem to come from my pc

Citra is not optimized as of now. The CPU usage is around 25%, since your CPU has 4 threads.

I see, so it’s an optimisation problem, thanks for the answer, it was only what i needed to hear, it was just to know if the problem was from my pc or citra and this is the perfect answer

Is this still the case?
With openttd, the game engine used the original 1 core transport tycoon core files, and processed the engine on one core, while a secondary core was used for audio and graphics processing.
I presume the same is still possible on citra, by offloading audio and offloading video to their separate threads?