Which laptop for pokemon sword?

I will be buying a laptop but I need a laptop that is compatible with pokemon sword I think the HP Pavilion 15 P283TX is a good choice but I don’t know that I can pokemon sword on it please tell me

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That barely meets Yuzu’s minimum spec. That CPU (i7-5500U) also only has 2 cores and 4 threads as well as it being a U model, which means that it’s basically a neutered version of a normal CPU to save on energy consumption. I wouldn’t expect to get great performance on that.

would u recommend a laptop for better performance?

Get something with at least 4 cores, and a GPU on this list, preferably Nvidia: Quickstart Guide - yuzu

@MBJ i have a good recommendation its a bit pricy but is very worth it! i just got one its a XPG Xenia 15 i7 Quad Core and has a great Grafic card