Why are pokemon games slower outdoors

why are Pokémon games much faster when inside a building for example the pokemon centre?
cpu: intel Pentium dual core e2200 @2.2GHZ
gpu: NVidia GeForce 9300 gs
os: windows 10 64 bit
ram: 4 gb ddr2

That’s simple. The game draws way more textures outside than inside.

can this be fixed in the future?

It’s not a thing that can be fixed. What I’m saying is that it’s dependent on your system. The CPU that you have right now is really bad for emulation.


As @GDhex12 said, it’s not something related to Citra. You can try overclocking it, but make sure you do it correctly. Just Google, “overclock [your cpu name]”.

my motherboard is an ms-7525(Boston) and its bios does not have an overclocking feature is there any other way?

Umm unfortunately i dont think there is any other way.
The best bet now is to have a good Pc…especially good amount of RAM and at least a Core2Duo OC processor

Citra doesn’t use that much ram, only cpu is important for now and FYI a core 2 duo is terrible for emulation.

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lol idk what you are talking about…my old pc has a core2duo E8500 OC to 3.5GHz and it runs most games in citra. Though slower than normal speed :joy:
Still better than a Dual Core i guess :yum:

How much slower? Around 15-20 FPS will be typical.