Why can't i join the citra discord server

hello i can’t join the cirta discord server did i get banned or did i got a instant leave?

Not sure why you’re asking this in the Media category, but I’ll need to know your discord tag + DiscordID in order to look into this. If you’re not comfortable sharing this in a public topic, feel free to DM me them.

ok but how do i dm you?

Click on my name or profile picture, then click Message.

here is my discord tag #7882 and my discord id DannyV2019|Vs Bendy|Vs Mugman#7882

Right, I looked into your situation. Looks like you got banned for repeatedly shitposting after being warned not to multiple times by a moderator back in May 2020. Your posts as well as the moderator’s posts were logged. The ban appears to have been a justified one to me.

Since it’s been a while, let me know if you wish to appeal the ban. If so, we’ll discuss it and decide whether to give you a second chance.

i want to appeal the ban

Ban appeal has been accepted. You’re free to join the server again!