Why can't i join the citra discord server

hello i can’t join the cirta discord server did i get banned or did i got a instant leave?

Not sure why you’re asking this in the Media category, but I’ll need to know your discord tag + DiscordID in order to look into this. If you’re not comfortable sharing this in a public topic, feel free to DM me them.

ok but how do i dm you?

Click on my name or profile picture, then click Message.

here is my discord tag #7882 and my discord id DannyV2019|Vs Bendy|Vs Mugman#7882

Right, I looked into your situation. Looks like you got banned for repeatedly shitposting after being warned not to multiple times by a moderator back in May 2020. Your posts as well as the moderator’s posts were logged. The ban appears to have been a justified one to me.

Since it’s been a while, let me know if you wish to appeal the ban. If so, we’ll discuss it and decide whether to give you a second chance.

i want to appeal the ban

Ban appeal has been accepted. You’re free to join the server again!

The invite says it is expired or broken

It works fine over on my end. Try pasting this directory into your browser’s address bar: https://discord.gg/FAXfZV9

It just redirects me back to discord app lemme try it on my pc
on my pc it says unable to accept invite
Screenshot 2023-01-07 111645

also i had never joined the server before so how can i be banned
heres my discord name with tag: Twili-Poke#8180

so i tried with an alt and it worked how can my id be banned if i had never joined the server before can you please check and unban me

Turns out you did join the Citra server once before. You were banned shortly after since your account was compromised and started spam posting a scam everywhere:

If you’re sure that you’ve regained full control over your account, I don’t mind unbanning it for you.

Oh i didn’t remember joining but i did yes i do have full control now so i request you to unban me

You have been unbanned.