Why citra edge build delete my old builds?

I already have two builds 0.134 and 0.136,even with 0.136 installed,i’m used to play some games like yoshi’s woolly world in 0.134 because in 0.136 the game usually crashes,or you can play with several bugs,ok when new update come,i guess,alright it’s a new citra’s update,this bug could be fixed,if it’s ok then i’ll be able to transfer my yoshi’s save to this new build,but i fu*** up(sorry for the term),because citra delete my old build(0.134) with my save,when the newer build was installed,and to finish this crap that i did,yoshi’s wolly world was crashing(worse than 0.136) in this newer build.So i would know if have a way to rescue the older nightly builds,or at least avoid that updater to delete my old builds,thank you guys :sob:

Please take some time to split your comment into multiple sentences. I mean no offense when I say this, but I honestly do not understand a word you are trying to say.

I’m going to take a stab in the dark and suggest that you move your save files to the permanent location %APPDATA%\Citra (Theres a guide for how to do that on the blog. Look for the post called Migrate your SaveData) When its there, you can safely reinstall whatever version of bleeding edge you want to without worrying about it deleting your old data.


Sorry i don’t speak/write english very well,but thanks