Why did it started to not work it was working (mii face problem)

Issue: Önemli Hata 4.03.2020 18_39_57
its the thing where it says check the log files or your game may crash
I saw a video that how to add face to mii with out 3ds. it worked there were faces but some of my games were russian i mad it english again than this happed

System Information

  • windows 10
  • CPU:dont know
  • GPU:dont know
  • Citra Version (found in title bar):nightly
  • Game:tomadachi life,mii mkaer,miitopia

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That video most likely make users commit piracy which is illegal. Follow the link below to dump the system files properly from your own Nintendo 3DS / 2DS which is the only legal way.

i dont think its own 3ds folder the mii heads weren t exacly the same as i saw from youyube gameplays (from other yt channels)