Why did your stop testing Pokemon x?

I thought there were videos testing for citra but now what happend? Why still no news?Why did your stop?

the videos stop appearing due to lack of time/ interest, if you are worried that citra as a whole project is dead then no it is alive and better than ever.

regarding pokemon x&y the games are unplayable and currently there is no interest into looking what is causing them to break. they will be fixed eventually.

We’re still very much alive! :slight_smile:
Our Github page indicates within the past month:
7 authors have pushed 48 commits to all branches, excluding merges. On master, 142 files have changed and there have been 3,712 additions and 1,395 deletions.

We moved a lot of news and updates to the main website. We try to publish articles frequently, but to get a good pulse, try watching Github or hang out in the Discord chat.

It takes a lot of time and energy to put together YouTube videos. A lot of videos are uploaded to YouTube by users, so there’s less incentive for us to publish our own.

Are you your still working on the audio issue and crashing?

I believe people have it in the back of their minds, but no one is actively working on it.
Citra is made up of it’s community members, as it’s open source, so anyone can track down this bug and open a PR with a fix. As long as it’s properly fixed and not a hack, generally it’ll be accepted into nightly builds.