Why do Canary Builds now have .tar.gz

the Canary Build are now distributed as .tar.gz instead of .zip same as the Linux builds. Is this a bug?

@Magmarock No, it’s not a bug. It’s an actual file extension. The source code is often packed in these type of files. Citra is an open-source project, so it can also be packed like that. It is common for Linux and Unix OS. You should be able to open them like any other .zip or .rar file through WinRAR or any other compressed file viewer like 7zip.

Yeah I can open then it’s just that the Windows Bins were often in zip files. Why the change?

I think it’s their own decision to pack it like that. You don’t need to be much bothered about it.

I thought the builds were auto uploaded by bots so I wasn’t sure if it was a decision or a bug

We decided to move our mingw builds to Travis, so our Windows releases are actually compiled on a Linux machine now. That’s probably the reason for the change.

Oh that’s why. Why move to Linux? I’ve tried Linux a few times. Always ended up hating it

In some cases, installing dependencies such as the ones Citra relies on (among other steps of the build process) is easier to do in Linux.

What about Linux on the Desktop?

its compiling on linux for running it on windows. this is known as cross compilation. mingw gcc is a pain to use successfully on both windows and linux, so we might as well just use linux to compile. the build time dropped from 25 minutes to 4 minutes though, so I prefer linux.

additionally, in the future when we get all of our builds cross compiled from linux, we can move all builds onto our own hosted infrastructure, which should make it even faster for each release (i’m picturing 1 minutes or less build times)