Why does Citra freeze my Mac with almost every newest build?


Could anyone help me out here, maybe validate if my system (Mac, mind you) is even compatible enough to run Citra properly? I’m mainly using Citra for playing Pokemon Ultra Sun. Underneath are the specs. Funny thing is, whenever I use the newest Nightly (or even Canary) builds, my Mac seems to freeze, forcing me to do a manual reboot. I’m not even able to produce a log because of it. But when I use a (very) old build (Citra Nightly OSX 20170227 ad4097e Build) it opens up the rom with no problem at all, but my speed is 40% tops and FPS is around 20 if I’m lucky.

Much appreciated!

System Information
MacBook Pro (15-inch, Mid 2010)
2,66 GHz Intel Core i7 Processor
8 GB 1067 MHz DDR3 RAM
500 GB Samsung SSD
NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M 512 MB
Intel HD Graphics 288 MB

Diagnostic Log
Psst, maybe it’s the build, or the fact that it’s Citra for Mac, but https://community.citra-emu.org/t/how-to-upload-the-log-file/296 does not cover how to produce the log. Please help. Appreciated!

Can you try disabling Enable Hardware Shader in Citra - Preferences - Graphics?

So I tried disabling Hardware Shader through Graphics. Funny thing is, in this build of Nightly I can choose to en-/disable Hardware Renderer, and en-/disable Shader JIT. I did a few scenarios, and what I’ve seen is a rough average I noticed:

1] Both enabled: 35% speed, 20 FPS
2] Hardware Renderer disabled: 6% speed, 15 FPS
3] Shader JIT disabled: 25% speed, 20 FPS
4] Both disabled: 6% speed, 10 FPS

Mind you, in all these cases the framerate limit was disabled!

Is there an option to disable Hardware Shader though? If there isn’t, that means you’re using a old build.

There unfortunately isn’t, so I’m guessing I am using an older build. How do I know which build the Hardware Shader was implemented in, so I can update it to that build? Using the most recent build will freeze my Macbook Pro, which I don’t get why. But trying one of the first build which uses the Hardware Shader might work best, I presume. Thank you in advance.

Either latest canary or nightly:
Citra website (click on manual to see both canary and nightly:

or github:

if they don’t work, make sure that you have proper system requirements: