Why does Citra run so terribly?

I’ve tried multiple different 3DS ROMs that are decrypted and all of them run terribly slow. For example I if I try to run any game at native 3DS resolution I have a 55% average speed. However what makes this so strange is, the higher resolutions run smoother. For example if I turn the resolution all the way up to 4000 x 2400, I get an average of 60%. What is the issue happening here, this seems to make no sense.

2x AMD r9 290’s
Samsung evo 540 256GB SSD (Not sure why this would matter but whatever)
Using Win10 64 bit

Are you running the Canary build of Citra? If no, try it out and see how it does.

Yea tried both versions and unfortunately both run like that :confused:

Can you post a screenshot of your graphics settings in Emulation - Configure - Graphics in Canary?

make sure that shader emulation is set to GPU, if it still runs slow then try to lower your internal resolution

lastly what is the game youre playing?

Try with multiple titles, see if this is a general performance issue, or one specific to the title you are playing. Also try playing the title for more than a couple minutes to see what performance you get.

Sometimes performance is counter intuitive, a game that seems more demanding to you, or a scene that seems more demanding may run smoother than a seemingly simple game or scene. For example in New Super Mario Bros. 2, I get 150% to 250% when playing a level, but when I am on the level select screen, I get 50%-75%.