Why does Citra Support section require a log for posted threads?

Not every Citra Support request involves an error. For example, I had a question about how to use a certain feature in the emulator, and assumed that asking such a question constituted a request for support, so I posted in the Citra Support section, but a bot told me I needed to post a log from the emulator. I don’t even know if my post went through, due to me not posting a log, or if the bot prevented the post from appearing to anyone other than myself (I can see it, but I don’t know if anybody else can).

Your support topic’s visibility is not reliant on whether you comply with the bot message. The bot simply asks for a log file when it doesn’t detect one because uploading one is relevant in the vast majority of support requests. It helps speeds things up if we don’t have to ask users to upload one every time we need one, which is a lot. So the user can get to work on providing the information we need to help them, even if we’re not available to help them yet.