Why i recommend getting a 3ds/2ds system right now!

hey guys i just want to tell yall the reason for why you need to get a 3ds/2ds right now
long story short there has been a new method to get cfw for just 2 dollars
its called the seedminer method ive done this with my sister 2ds now im going to buy a new 3ds xl of ebay and mod it with new seedminer method just make sure its on 11.6

It’s now off topic to you buddy but if you are a Pokemon fan than getting a 3DS or a new pc which can play Citra will be waste because next Pokemon game is going to launch for Nintendo switch. At least the rumors say so and also the Pokemon company’s ceo

i know but when nintendo stops supporting the 3ds there will be with no doubt emulators coming to it,
i wass also going to buy a nintendo switch but im going to wait untill the price drops but yeah i wonder too about that pokemon game coming in 2019 cant wait to see it

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We do not recommend that users follow video guides, because they fall outdated easily. Instead, you should follow https://3ds.guide/.

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