Why is it so slow

i was using canary 458 and ORAS ran at a smooth 20-30 fps. but now after 2 weeks in canary 496 it gets 5fps to 11 fps.
os: windows 10 64 bit
ram: 4gb ddr2
cpu:Pentium e2200 2.2 ghz
GPU: geforce 9300 GE
don’t comment about my specs because the game was perfectly smooth before. just tell what causes the problem and what can bring it back normal speed. also tell approximately when it will be normal again.

Disable Accurate Multiplication in Emulation - Configure - Graphics

i already did that it did not work its same for all games

Try running the test from this thread.

both of them give the same result on Kirby triple deluxe 23-25 fps which is around 40%

why wont anyone reply i need to get back to original speed or better

Can you test if Canary-478 is still ‘fast’ and if the slowdown started with Canary-481 ?

478 is definitely faster but i have an issue where whatever i open eg: citra or desmume after a minute it closes and deletes and its not even in recycle bin

I’d make a separate support topic for that issue.