Why is performance unreliable?

So Ive been using the Canary build of Citra for a little while now, basically since the gpu boost and I’ve noticed that the performance can wary a lot. I don’t mean from game to game, but let’s say I play a game early in the day, when I play the same game a little later it can stutter noticeably more. Why is that?
This is not meant as a complaint I’m just curious.

Are there maybe more things running later in the day that are eating into your resources (Hardware)? Do you maybe have anti malware scheduled to run later in the day, and it’s running when you play?

No I don’t, it just seems kinda random if I get stuttering or not. It’s a little odd. I don’t have any similar problems running other games either.

Are you on a laptop? Performance could be throttled when the battery life is low in power saving mode.

Does the drop in performace stay even when playing for a minute or two in the same area? If not then it’s just the shaders being re-compiled again (something Citra has to do every session).

Otherwise check CPU and RAM usage in task manager when the game runs fine and when it runs poorly and see if there is a spike in one (or both) when the performance is low.

I thought it was the shaders being re-compiled because it fits with that behaviour but it just seems so random. Like sometimes it stutters when pushing start on the main menu and other times it doesn’t.

Sometimes these stutters can be kinda odd, yeah. Like in Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon opening the connection orb sometimes cuts the speed into half for a good few seconds until it recovers. After this happened once it doesn’t happen again for the remainder of the session. But oddly enough it doesn’t always happen on the first time.