Why isn't there a LayeredFS support on Citra?

Yuzu already have LayeredFS support but why can’t Citra?

If you don’t know, LayeredFS makes you put data modifications without rebuilding the rom itself. It makes things easier to load mods without any issue. An example is playing as Luigi in Mario Odyssey on Yuzu Emulator.

How sick would it be to have LayeredFS and easily load alot of patches and mods without rebuilding an entire rom for 15 minutes or more?

My idea was to borrow the LayeredFS PR from Yuzu and put it on Citra. But I’m not sure if it will work or not.

The only thing I know that you can do currently is overriding code.bin: https://github.com/citra-emu/citra/pull/2975

But yeah it’s not what you are asking for…

its not something one can just port because you have to reimplement all archive types on top of the new vfs system, and this isn’t portable between yuzu and citra. so like, only about 20% of the code can be copy pasted from yuzu, and the rest will need to be written from scratch off the new vfs system. why hasn’t it happened? well simply because someone wanted to add this to yuzu, and no one has done the same for citra yet.

Well then. I guess no one will do that on Citra. I mean, it’s possible. It’s just no one ever try to make a repo for that. Sad that I have to waste hours to rebuild the rom for Pokemon hacks.

If the game has an update you could apply on the update instead. Pretty sure it would work.

Yeah. But for games such as Miitopia, Mario Maker 3DS, Monster Hunter 4, or any game that has good mods deserve something like this. As I said, it would be quicker to have LayeredFS on Citra instead of spending minutes or hours of rebuilding a rom. I didn’t waste hours to load mods in Mario Odyssey and ARMS on the Switch. Heck, I don’t even rebuild those Switch games to make those work(except for Sonic Mania but why would I do that when I could mod that game on Steam lol).

Hopefully in the near or likely far future, LayeredFS is a thing in Citra.

Also, the GitHub link might work if SaltySD have support on other games. The PR is mostly use for putting the mods on saltysd folder

Correct me if I’m wrong if there are other games that code.bin is used of instead of Smash 3D and Pokemon.