Why not add Puglin that are used for the RNG?

I think that they could add a function to use the puglin from Pokecaln to Citra would be very helpful for those who want to use the RNG method. Although I know that you can use PKhex; why not also add this function.:slightly_smiling_face:

Pokécalc is an NTR plugin right? NTR support is not planned. If you are talking about a feature built into the emulator, then it would never be accepted into the official builds. Game specific features will not be implemented.


True is a puglin, but not necessarily must run the puglin, I love the work they have achieved by n is easy to make an emulator to run something like that but the rng emulators was achieved in the fifth and fourth generation is not necessarily the puglin if not a way to see those hexadecimal values, to be able to do it