Wii games? I guess not, right?

Hi :blush:
I know I’m wishing upon a star but I was wondering if there was anyway to play wii games on yuzu using the switch controllers.
I’d be happy if I didn’t need to use dolphin, the wiimotes and purchase a dolphin bar…

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Your wish is a bit too far-fetched, but no. yuzu only emulates games and software made for the Nintendo Switch. Dolphin has the option to play Wii games with any controller as long as you map the controls yourself, the emulator doesn’t restrict to be only usable with wiimotes.

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So I could use my joycons to play my wii games on dolphin?
How hard would it be to map them?
I could connect them via Bluetooth? (no dolphin bar required?)?

I guess that’s a lot of questions for the dolphin forum :sweat_smile:

Thanks :+1:t2:

You can use them on any other emulator or game, give BetterJoy a try: Releases · Davidobot/BetterJoy · GitHub

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Would that mess up my current Yuzu setup since I’m not using BetterJoy to use joycons in Yuzu?

Yes, so stop/close it when using yuzu.

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