Wii U USB GCN adapter not working on Citra

Hello everyone, I’ve been trying to play Ocarina of Time with a GC controller, using the official Wii U adapter (Zadig+vJoy) and editing the qt-config file according to the controller guide. Problem is, neither the Generic Direct Input nor any of the mayfly Wii adapter configurations work, as if I didn’t have anything connected at all(also tried the Wii U one, which is specifically Direct Input but no dice). I’ve already tested other emulators and they register the control just fine, so, it’s just something that’s just not compatible yet? Or am I doing something wrong?
I was going to post this on the dedicated controller thread, but someone already asked this weeks ago and got no answers.
Apologies for not filling up the system specs and the Citra log, it’s just that my modem’s fucked up and I can only access the internet through my cell phone.

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