Wiki bureaucracy

Since I’ve been using Citra I’ve tried contributing to the wiki 3 times that I can remember.

  1. Adding a workaround to the wiki for Pokemon Sun/Moon. When you boot SuMo or encounter a text input without the system dump it throws an error, clicking yes exits citra… but clicking no allows the game to continue normally, the only gameplay effect is being able to swear because of the lack of a badwords file. It was reverted. This was my fault; I didn’t submit a corresponding issue as required in Mea culpa.

  2. I submitted it as an issue and re-added the workaround, referencing to the issue. The issue was obviously wontfix-ed since warning the player when system files are asked for but not found is intentional behavior. The workaround was then reverted again, ostensibly because the issue was closed. Two days ago I met someone who thought SuMo couldn’t run in Citra because of this problem. Someone that could have been helped by the workaround I was forbidden from adding by stupid wiki bureaucracy.

  3. Yesterday I noticed the FAQ states the reason for XY not working is currently unknown; the wiki page for XY states the reason. So I update the FAQ. I go to bed and it’s reverted by the time I wake up. I replaced false information with information that’s already on the wiki. I didn’t add something that wasn’t already there or take anything away, I literally just made a correction using your own information. Someone reverted true information to the incorrect, false, not true, outdated information. That’s indefensible.

Wikipedia has a problem with self-appointed gatekeepers and bots reverting edits over minor issues, technicalities or just because they’re by new users. I believe there’s a similar problem here, people value reversion more than improvement, and it’s harming usefulness and accuracy. Solve that problem.

  1. That isn’t required anymore, as an open-source NG badword list replacement has been implemented in Citra.

  2. (Same as above)

  3. You sure that the site was updated within that time? If not, then it’s normal for your changes to not show up.

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