Will any of these PCs run Citra?

Hi I’m buying a PC mainly for emulation and casual gaming that’s in my budget range. I was wondering would the PC run Citra well on games like OoT3D and MM 3D at 1080p with decent speed? Especially on a 55" 4k Vizio TV? And if it can what controller is recommended to play? I have my own legal copies of my own games. I’m about to buy a Prebuilt so I need to know which one would work better. Thank you.

Processor : Intel 4th Generation Core i7-4770 @ 3.40GHz
16gb RAM
Win10 Home/Pro

Another one

Intel Core i5 6th Gen. i5-6500 3.20GHz 4 (Quad-Core)
Integrated/On-Board Graphics Integrated Intel HD Graphics 530
1x PCI Express x4, 1x PCI Express x16 Expansion Slots Half Height
Win10 Pro

Can any of these run? Especially Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask? I was told the i5 6th gen would work better for Citra but I’m not sure about the i7 though. I just wanted to make sure is all. Thanks if anyone can help me. I’m not really tech savvy but this is in my budget range. Would I have any lag? Or should I play smoothly? They’re both prebuilt. So I can add a graphics card later. Thanks if I get a reply or any help. :slight_smile: I can also upgrade to a 2TB HDD if I need to later on. So thank you for any info. Or should I go with the i7? It doesn’t support 32gb. How ever I did see games running extremelly well on the i5 6500 like Cemu and Dolphin. So any advice would be great. Thanks! :slight_smile: And since the tower supports a 1x PCI Express x4, 1x PCI Express x16 Expansion Slots Half Height what kind of graphics card should I get to boost performance? Thank you. I want to play OoT 3D and MM3D on my TV. Thank you. And other games as well.

In order for us to provide better support, we need to see the log generated by Citra. This guide will walk you through how you can obtain the log file: How to Upload the Log File.

In terms of single thread rating (which is important for Citra) these two GPUs are nearly identical, but there are some cliffnotes that you need to take into account:

I’m assuming there is no dedicated GPU included with this one, in which case you’d be running on the Intel® HD Graphics 4600 integrated graphics. This iGPU is problematic for Citra as it has OpenGL (Which Citra uses to accelerate emulation) driver bugs. It’s still playable, but you might have issues with our Accurate Multiplication option, which I believe some of the LoZ games require to prevent graphical glitches. So I definitely wouldn’t recommend this one unless you could add an NVIDIA dedicated GPU to it. (if that’s possible)

This should run Citra decently well. It’s still running on an integrated GPU, so you might have some stutter here and there, but it should be perfectly playable at native resolution and settings.
As I said before though, a dedicated NVIDIA GPU (released within the last 5 years or so) would be ideal for Citra emulation (their OpenGL drivers are great for Citra). You’d likely see around triple the performance compared to the iGPU, even on higher settings. Avoid any sort of AMD GPU though. Their OpenGL drivers are horrible for Citra.
RAM isn’t too important for performance in Citra, you just need enough to be able to launch your games. 4gb would be enough for that.

I’d advise you to be careful with prebuilts when it comes to adding GPUs. The prebuilt manufacturers often skimp out on things like the motherboard and/or the power supply. The latter of which is important when you’re looking at adding a dedicated GPU to your system later down the line. Make sure that the power supply has enough headroom to power your GPU and (if applicable) has the correct connectors available for connecting to and powering your GPU. It would generally speaking be a good idea to consult someone knowedgable about computers before making a decision regarding that.

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Thank you for the info. I will most likely be getting the 6500 instead since I don’t know much about the i7. Plus it also works well on Cemu and Dolphin as well. Which is pretty great for my needs. Some graphics cards now a days arent that expensive. Depending on what you buy. But I’ll go a head and get the 6500. Thank you. I was having a complicated time deciding between the i7 or the 6500 because my brother has Citra on a 15" Laptop that has the same 6500 CPU. And it runs OoT really great in 1080p. My question is. If I decide to hook it up via HDMI to TV and full screen. I shouldn’t have issues. Correct? :slight_smile: My Vizio is a 55" M55Q8-H1. Trust me I wish I had the money to afford a decent card. But thank you though. :slight_smile: I’m quite happy that the PC can play the emulators of my choice though so I’m quite grateful for what I’m paying for. :slight_smile: Thanks.

I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. Though, when you’re dealing with screens that big, native resolution may appear to look not that great. Whilst you might be able to upscale the resolutions to around 3x in Citra’s settings, it might affect performance aversly, due to the aforementioned lack of a dedicated NVIDIA GPU.
Just keep that in mind.