Will citra run on Intel celeron

Will citra run on Intel celeron?

To run Citra you need a 64-bit OS and a Graphics chip that supports opengl 3.3

I have a 64 bit is and a graphics card
My processor is Intel celeron n2930 2.16ghz
But I don’t no if my gracpics card supports opengl 3.3

Yes it will as the GPU supports up to opengl 4.0 on that cpu.

Will games run fast?

no, the cpu is too weak

You can try it yourself.

I tried pokemon moon 6 to 8 fps outside inside buildings 16fps to 10fps Can your try to make it support low end pc?

citra is still not optimized and optimization will come later on.

however i don’t think any kinda of optimization is enough to obtain an enjoyable experience on a celeron cpu, consider some upgrades if you want to use citra.