Will citra run these games?

Hi there, i bought a laptop, and i installed citra and it’s very very cool. But I i can’t play my favourite Pokemon x, but other Pokemon games r working fine … why this problem. Would it be fixed in the future or not??

From the citra wiki faq:

Can Citra run Pokémon games?
Most Pokémon games work properly but Pokémon X/Y is still currently unplayable. (We don’t know why yet)

We know why, and the fix is currently in the progress.

which pull request are you talking about

Why will a WIP feature be PRd?


When will the working citra for x and y release? And what is the problem i try to fix.

We can’t give ETAs. But wwylele might be able to elaborate on this. Btw, he posts updates on Discord. You can check that. But don’t ask about XY. Wait for updates.