Will Citra support macOS now that its dropping OpenGL support?

After macOS Mohave this autumn, OpenGL will no longer be supported on macOS. That means Citra will no longer work unless it adopts a Metal or Vulkan backend.

What will happen to Citra on Macs? Will it be abandoned?

MacOS Mojave 10.14 will still support OpenGL but Apple now officially flags the support as deprecated.
With 10.15/16 Apple might remove the OpenGL support.

So Citra should run for recent MacOS users for a forseeable future but what happenes after that remains to be seen.
Currently there is nobody working on a Metal/Vulkan (via MoltenVK for example) backend for Citra.
It might happen before MacOS drops OGL support, it might be that Citra will not support MacOS for a while till Citra implements Metal/Vulkan.
Nobody knows currently.

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