Will Citra support Stereoscopic/3D effects?

Hello, I’m interested in stereoscopic 3D support for citra. Since modern 3D displays deliver better picture quality then the original 3DS display it woould be an awesome feature to deliver this through nVision or HD3D. Is this planned or even technical possible? Thanks for any answers and the of course to the developers of citra!

I recall someone having a PR for this on their personal branch a long time ago, but from my knowledge, there are no plans to implement this feature in the near future.

However, Citra is open source, so anyone who thinks they’d like to implement it is free to try!

It’s my understanding we’ll eventually add some form of 3DS support, but there are several different types. Some more accessible than others. That’s more late-game though.

Thank you for your answers. I once loaded some kind of special 3D edition with added anaglyph support. But since anaglyph doesn’t even come close to real 3D I will wait for official citra support and hope the developers keep up their great work.

If you’ll “eventually add some form of 3DS support” but it’s not a priority, why does the front page of the site say that this is a 3DS emulator? Because right now it should be called a 2DS emulator.

That’s because the 3D feature will soon be in Citra builds, ref https://github.com/citra-emu/citra/pull/3632