Will Citra work with this particular spec?

New guy to the Citra world here and I have had this burning desire to continue playing the Ace Attorney series for a long time now so I decided to hop on the emulator bandwagon. Sadly my PC is an older gaming machine that runs on Dual Core 8400[OCed] with 6GB of RAM and AMD ATI HD 5850 2GB card. I can run some newer titles like Civ 5 just fine with 40 fps+ on medium settings but kind of fail miserably on other titles like Witcher 3 even on lowest settings. Could an expert or someone with experience with similar machine specs offer their opinion of whether or not my girl would work well with Citra? Right now as it stands, trying to run Citra results in the following error:

[ 0.000001] Common.Filesystem common\file_util.cpp:FileUtil::IsDirectory:122: stat failed on F:\Citra-GCC6.3.0-SSE4.1-OPTIMIZED-16-FEB-2017/user/: The system cannot find the file specified.

Apologies and thank you for reading.

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you didn’t download from the official site. get the build from the official site and it’ll run on your computer.

second, thats just a warning not an error. all its saying is its not going to create a new settings file since it already exists. if citra is crashing its because that build you are using is made by the “geniuses” on gbatemp where they think that compiling with the -msse4.1 flag will make things faster (hint it doesn’t). All it ends up doing is making computers without see 4.1 unable to use citra for no perceptable benefits.

that said there are no experts for “how well will this run on my computer” Every game is different in citra. Some will be fast and others will be slow depending on what features the game uses. The only way to find out is to try it yourself. Emulators are not like pc games where you can get a profile for how well it runs on certain machines because theres many more variables for what affects emulator speed compared to a regular game.

Thank you for your advice. That exact thought ran through my head as well so I decided to download the official build instead of browsing the youtube links only. This is the one I downloaded: citra-windows-msvc-20170306-eb43581

Sadly I got the same message only there were 2 this time:

[ 0.000001] Common.Filesystem common\file_util.cpp:FileUtil::IsDirectory:122: stat failed on F:\citra-windows-msvc-20170306-eb43581/user/: The system cannot find the file specified.

[ 0.001081] Common.Filesystem common\file_util.cpp:FileUtil::CreateFullPath:200: path exists C:\Users\LonerPrime\AppData\Roaming/Citra/config/qt-config.ini

Since according to you this is no error but just a warning, I will not worry about it. Right now I am in the process of trying a game out so for now there are no crashes that I have come across. The only reason I made this post was because I read somewhere that you need at least OpenGL 3.3 minimum to get Citra to work properly. Since my graphic card is quite ancient to the point that AMD has even stopped releasing graphic drivers on a regular basis, I am kind of worried that I might be incompatible with this emulator.

I apologize again but I guess I’ll try and run a game first with the official release and then post back if I actually come across problems instead of trying to pre-empt “possible issues” that might pop up.


You will be fine with that HD 5850, it supports up to OpenGL 4.3.

That said, I think you can’t run any Ace Attorney games right now, only the Trilogy version works. Dual Destinies boots up, but has major video problems. Spirit of Justice has them too.

Thank you for clearing that hardware question up. That being said, “OMG, Ace Attorney series have issues?!” I am sorry but, is this compatibility list unreliable? http://3dsemulator.wikia.com/wiki/Compatibility_List

I mean I understand that it isn’t Citra official website list but I couldn’t find any compatibility list on Citra site so I had to rely on this and judging by the stars, I do see Dual Destinies have issues but shouldn’t Spirit of Justice be working with a few hiccups only?

Sigh, may I ask if there is a citra list updated frequently so I can keep tabs on what games work and what don’t?

Thank you.


It’s reliable (I actually added these ratings), but when I say that Spirit of Justice has graphics issues, it doesn’t mean you can’t play it. The situation on Citra for Ace Attorney games is this: Trilogy > AA: SoJ > DD.

For me it’s this situation: Trilogy runs 50-60 fps. SoJ runs 25-40 fps. DD runs 15-20 fps.

SoJ has some broken textures and partly broken lower screen (Is playable). DD recently just became playable, because of the implementation of the Mint app. Still, it has broken textures and no text written to the boxes. The lower screen is also broken. (Partly playable)

That list that you mentioned has slight inaccuracies, because the main editor (RockstarGames) has not much free time to edit the Wiki. Everybody is free of editing the Wiki.