Will ever be a way to reduce the graphics quality?

will ever be a way to reduce the graphics quality in the future? The graphics in game looks really good on Citra, but I’m not picky; I’d like to play with less graphic quality, to optimize the speed of the game.

Just asking if is being planned to add that option in future updates. The Citra team is doing a fantastic work.

Hmmmm… I dont think so. Most of the contributors are busy working to IMPROVE the graphics quality, so i dont think that reducing graphics quality will be worked on atleast for a few months.

no, instead of an option to reduce graphics quality citra will get more optimized in the future and games will start running faster. ofc all of it is still limited to the power of your pc…the cpu to be more specific.

The GPU is not the limitation here, and “decreasing” the quality of it will only make the emulation process harder for minimal gains - the bottleneck is your computer’s CPU.

You can lower the resolution by setting the resolution_factor option in the config .ini to less than 1 - like 0.8 would be 320x192, or 0.5 would be 200x120, etc. - but as Selby said, you probably wont see any difference in framerate.