Will fxaa smoothing be implemented in future updates?

Although the internal resolutions can correct the scaling level, the higher the resolution, the greater the performance sacrifice, it would not be bad to be able to use a x2 resolution with fxaa smoothing in order to gain both performance and scaling, it will be possible to implement antialiasing in future updates?

in x2 resolution the fluidity is excellent but as it would be a semester at 800x600 without smoothing and on a wide screen it doesn’t look as good as you would like, in x3 (720p) it looks very good and although there are no FPS drops if there is a mysterious lag

System Information

  • Operating System: Windows 10 22H2
  • CPU: i3 4000M
  • GPU: Intel HD 4600
  • Citra Version (found in title bar): canary-2510
  • Game: MH3U, MH4U, MHXX
  • Screenshot of Issue (include the full Citra window including titlebar):

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You can use Dolphin’s FXAA.glsl file. Put it in the shaders folder and select it in the drop down:

Intel HD 4600 runs with OpenGL 4.3 and using the shaders of the dolphin emulator in order to use the FXAA smoothing does not work, the emulator closes both with the official version and the beta version of Citra

in older versions like Nightly 1782 if the use of FXAA works, you have to keep trying until you see which is the latest version that supports it

Ah ok, that’s unfortunate.

The last update compatible with the dolphin shaders is Nightly 1884, but emulates MH3U and MHXX very badly, the image freezes, from version 1885 onwards the emulator is closed when loading a game with Active FXAA, there seems to be conflict with the changes implemented at 1885 onwards with the dolphin shaders, it is excellent as it looks MH4U with FXAA at low resolutions, and it does not sacrificent performance at all as it is to put the resolution X3 or X4, I hope that in future Citra updates, again compatible with the Shaders, at least in my GPU Intel HD 4600 with OpenGL 4.3, Congratulations to those who do not pass this conflict