Will Harvest Moon: A New Beginning ever work?

It’s been ages since every game but this game has been getting fixes. Is it impossible for it to boot forever?

According to this (see bellow) it should work with the LLE keyboard, i.e: by dumping your keyboard applet using godmode9 and installing on citra, in the same way you’ve dumped your game (but applets are installed on the system nand, its on sysnand on godmode9 iirc).

i’d tried installing the keyboard software.but it make citra crashed and close(after insert name).and it make all game that need naming crash too.but after deleting 0000c802 folder it back to normal.what i did wrong…?

likely nothing, the keyboard applet (and also other applets) can cause such issues. try disabling ‘Enable Hardware Shader’ before launching the game. you can also try disabling other options.

tested, even with disabling all graphic option still no go, crashing.also trying googling about run hm:anb on citra.not even one i found they could run this game properly.but anyway thanks for suggestion.

Did you try it with the LLE keyboard installed and with ‘Enable Hardware Shader’ disabled?

yeah i did.the citra crach and closed when naming character.