Will this game ever work on Citra?

Harvest Moon: A New Beginning.
I have been literally looking out to test this title on PC since the emulator was in works but unable to since it was a minor game and no one bothered to fix it. I still play it on my 3DS but I want to try it on PC sometime as well but at this rate, it seems merely possible. So what do you say?

yeah me too, looking forward for this game fully playable on citra.its playable but the only problem is when u insert a name the game will froze.the only way to play it with citra is dump ur gamesave on your 3ds then move it to citra.

It’s very time consuming + whenever we have to name our pet/animal or other stuff, you’re forced to quit and dump save files. I just wanna enjoy the game in peace.

It is truly a shame since I thought it would def work after the Pokemon X and Y glitches were fixed but turns out it wasn’t. I don’t think this game will be ever playable since most of the focus has shifted to Yuzu which is actually a great thing. I’ve supported the devs on Pat and not getting to play this game ever is kinda disappointing but whatsoever I don’t want to brag about it! hehe

Citra development was not ‘abandoned’ for yuzu, there are devs working on both, and several who don’t work on yuzu at all in favor of citra, and others who have no interest in citra solely working on yuzu. Yuzu existing has nothing to do with citra’s progress.

Finally, Citra’s stated goal is 100% accuracy, so what problems this game has will eventually be addressed, though it may be some time.

Actually yeah! But I would’ve preferred if most of the focus was put on Yuzu because that’s more in demand lately!