Will ultra sun and moon be playable on citra

Will ultra sun and moon be playable on citra

The game is not even out yet :stuck_out_tongue: - how are we meant to know?

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Yeah, sorry. I doubt you know anything about the game, or you are under NDA, which would mean that you shouldn’t be posting here.

@Selby Err, what do you mean ? I said I HEARD this (on GBAtemp). The game isn’t out yet. & wt is NDA ??
I’ll delete tht post anyway.

There is a delete button :laughing:. I doubt any of the kids over there have any clue either.

I was suggesting that either you were incorrectly speculating, or you worked for Nintendo/subsidiary and were breaking the terms of your employment.

Do your guys think it will be playable once it released ?

Again, we don’t know, and we can only speculate.

well this is my speculation but looking at the trailers and such it seems to me that Usun/Umoon is just an upgrade to SM with some changes. chances are if the core code of the game is still the same then citra should handle the game about the same as it handles SM right now, however the game won’t be released until months from now and there is no telling how will citra handle it, citra might even get better in the next 3 months and handle the game even better.

i am not sure if this is true but there is a possibility that nintendo might add some anti-emulation measures to the rom, not sure how true this is or how possible to do but it might be a thing.

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I think x and y have anti-piracy.

Bit wild speculation, no? Just because they don’t work on Citra does not mean they have specific measures to cause those conditions.

Ive seen Heart gold and soul silver have anti piracy where if you went into a battle the pokeballs would just keep spinning and the game would freeze like xy.

Plenty of other games freeze as well… What’s your point?

Oh nothing i thought only Pokemon x and y freeze.

I know that :expressionless: . I purposefully did that so that atleast readers know wt post i’m talking abt.

No they don’t. I’ve tested them personally, abt a year ago.

That is not a anti-piracy feature, only a … ( I’ll research more about tht error & tell. But it isn’t anti-piracy )