[WIP] Apollo Justice HD Texture Pack...requesting your help!

I am currently working on an HD texture pack for Apollo Justice. There is still some work to do, but here is a quick showing of what I have so far:

So far, I have the bulk of the menus done and most main elements, but there is, obviously a lot more to the game than just that.

That’s where you all can help. The way Citra has you dump textures, you have to play the entire game through and see the specific element you want to dump, to have it be dumped. That adds significant time to how long it would take me to wrap up this whole texture pack.

I figure if people are interested, they may be able to help me too!

There are currently four episodes in the entire game. If I were to get three other people (or even more!) and each of us tackle dumping textures from a specific episode and pass the textures as they are to me, I can then get started on building and fleshing out the entirety of the texture pack. As it stands right now, I’ve been working for the past few days touching up and fixing up things as I go and I’m only in the first half of the first episode. As you can see, getting textures alone would take me forever.

Anyway, if anyone wants to, or is down to help, please message me!