[WIP] Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia HD Textures v0.2 Release (2020-06-20)

Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia HD Textures

I am currently working on a HD texture pack for FE Echoes: Shadows of Valentia.
It is still highly work in progress and some bugs and issues might present themselves. I previously was upscaling everything with waifu2x(-caffe) but I am now doing must of the work with ESRGAN with a multitude of different models (found here).

Hope you guys like what I’ve managed to do! I’m open to feedback too!
Thanks for checking this out!

Current Version

Release v0.2-20200620

  • Prologue to Chapter 6 are done (aka the entire game)
  • Everything (except the UI) is now upscaled 4x! That means portraits are 1024x1024 and 2048x2048 now and some cutscenes even use 4096x4096 textures!
Possible missing textures and issues
  • Deen might still be missing some portraits
  • Some cutscenes might have alpha issues either due to how the game uses the textures sometimes (Please report these!)
  • The same UI issues are present like the last version. These aren’t game breaking so I’ll fix them once the UI is 4x.

Download v0.2
Install instructions included.


Individual Screenshots


These have two big images so it takes a second or two to load.



Static Cutscene

Battle Screen

World Map

Other Screenshots (from v0.1)

Upscaled Elements

Stuff currently upscaled:

  • Portraits
  • VFXs
  • UI
  • Static Cutscenes

I will look into upscaling textures on world geometry, but no promises it will be completely done though. Sprites will of course not be upscaled (should maybe upscale them 1:1 so filtering won’t smooth them).

I do not plan to include the DLCs, because I don’t own them.

About mini portraits


Mini portraits (aka portraits in towns and bases) are extremely low quality in the game, so upscalling them usually gives bad results (See here). So I have 4 choices for each miniportrait:

  • Find a full body artwork of a character
  • Use the general artwork of a character (they usually do something, not just standing there)
  • Use the artwork from another FE game (I used FE Heroes artwork for Lukas and Silque for now)
  • Take the miniportrait that got upscaled and put their upscaled normal talking portrait on top. This works because miniportraits have the same character stance as their normal portraits.
    This explains why some characters (secondary mostly) have blurry legs. Not going to lie, some edits aren’t at their bests too.

If a better solution presents itself, I’ll gladly take it.

Things left to do

  • UI x4 + Fix UI
  • Good Text (aka not upscaled from the original texture but from the real font)
  • Do all “uniquecutsceneportraits” from their big portraits + Add little white vignette
  • Fix Miniportraits (if any)
  • Dungeon Entrances
  • Fix and improve some cutscene textures manually
  • Textures on 3D models and geometry
  • Fix anything else that breaks

Reporting missing textures or bugs

If you encounter any texture that is not upscaled or a visual bug, feel free to post a screenshot in the comments. If possible, also please share a save file so I can instantly get to the place where a texture is missing.

See known bugs and issues here before posting: Known bugs and issues


Previous versions, these are not supported by me.

Release v0.1-20200503

  • Prologue to Chapter 3 (inclusively) is probably completely done (probably because I have no way to know for sure if everything is done.)
  • Visual UI bugs are fixed. (See reporting missing textures or bugs)

Download v0.1


Prerelease Screenshots

Do note that some sprites (weapons mostly) in the following screenshots are upscaled because some UI elements share the same texture.