Working -- The Legend of Zelda Majoras Mask 3D (Europe)!

Thank you for making this game finally work properly in the latest version of Bleeding Edge Citra. After it asked for "This game supports the Circle Pad Pro. If you are using one, please press Zr on your Circle Pad Pro now.

I click Don’t Use and finally I am able to pass it. Good job!

Wait for Icarus Kid to pass the loops on the top the of screen due to save issues, I think. The unofficial Citra is able to pass it. I know that unofficial citra isn’t supporting anyway. Can’t wait.

unfortunately the contributor who was working on implementing the fix for icarus kid closed the PR due to lack of ability and knowledge on how to tackle the issue. you have to wait for someone to pick up on their work or wait for them to return and continue working on it

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I’ve just tried this version , Can’t get it to start up Majoras mask at all, just hangs on the Skull Kid dancing on a black screen,

However I loaded up OOT 3D and notice alot of the sounds are fixed , still not all but most!

How did you get MM to run on this build, I cant even get to the new file screen

Good question. I compiled it regularly and it wasn’t worked until they released a new one two days ago I think. And I compiled it again and it’s Bleeding Edge. They fixed it. Maybe you should compile it or download a new one two days ago or this week.

Funny story most devs have tried countless times to fix this bug and suddenly @wwylele fixed out of accident. (It wasn’t on his goals). xD. Enjoy.

Really ? Accident ? How do you know ? XD

because they talked with each other about it on IRC. A couple of the devs (only two as far as I’m aware) tried to get it to work in the past by actually implementing the support for the additional buttons. But both gave up after a while. This accidental fix gets around it by removing a bit of dead code. When rewriting the input code, wwylele found something that was in the code that shouldn’t be and removed it. Someone a long time ago copy pasted the code from ctrulib and it turns out they shouldn’t have.

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Nice! now we need pokemon x/y to get working

Nice. Thanks for the answer. :slight_smile:

I’m curious…which bleeding edge did you use? On the latest my terminal outputs a lot of red text about memory (goes to fast and crashes if I end emulator) when I boot up MM (EUR).

Any recent build work

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Hmm, then perhaps I did something wrong with my rom. Thanks! I’ll mess around and see what’s up.

I compiled the bleeding edge. And this game is an Euro and works.

If you don’t mind me asking, how did you self compile? I downloaded the Win file and it was already an .exe.

for windows? don’t bother :S the instructions for nightly are here: (and its not too different for bleeding edge) but its not the easiest thing to do right if you aren’t really into software development. That said if you wanna get into it, then i’m not stopping you haha

If you could get a copy of the console output and put it in a pastebin or something so I can look it over it would be great too. (Follow the guide that linked on the forums or just click the terminal and press “ctrl a” then “enter” to copy it.)

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Now I will try Pokémon x if it is already working hahaha

Don’t even waste your time, it’s not playable yet.

I am using Mac version and follow the compiling instruction.

I compile and build on Linux, so it wouldn’t be a new thing to me. The only daunting part for Windows’ steps is downloading all of that stuff and install it. lol

And oh yea, sure I could do that, but unfortunately when I pause or stop emulation or click the terminal even the whole thing crashes, so I can’t get the output. I’ll try again on my Win10 install and see if it’ll work. If it does, I’ll give the pastebin! :slight_smile:

Been playing this for a few days now. Working really great no real sound issues. However during cutscenes and boss fights I get HEAVY frame drops. Still waiting for circle pad pro implementation other than that it’s a huge improvement. The game is actually playable it’s very exciting.

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