Working with mouse buttons

Hi, is there any way to get the mouse buttons working?
By that I mean assign certain key to the left button, or the right button, or even the middle.

You would need to use a third party program for that. I know vjoy+UCR works.

I’ve installed then both, but how can I make the Citra inputs change to vJoy buttons? They’re still showing the keyboard keys.

Which UCR version did you install? There is a newer C# version and an older AHK version.

The new C# version.
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If you want to use that version you will need to install this to enable mouse support:

Or use the older AHK version:

You might not need vjoy if you only look for mouse clicks (can set output to a key instead then bind that key in Citra, UCR will then redirect a mouse click to that key if you set it up that way).
Here is an example: