Working with my Steam Deck on YUZU

Hello everyone.

My experience with YUZU is with the Steam Deck, I have to say that today the performance in this system is already good and very functional for me, rare is the title that does not hold well at 30 fps, my intention is to share my experiences in practice to get the best possible emulation system and share my experience with other users.

The fact is that one of the most common problems that I encounter are games that crash or give problems, Dragon ball fighter z, R-type 2, Team sonic racing, Cruis’n blast, Fast rmx, Grid autosport, some of These games give me a frame rate of 60 fps, so it is not a performance problem that they crash or do not start. In steam deck I get good performance thanks to the powertools plugin activating only 4 cores and putting the processor at maximum performance, also the continuous activation of the 1600 mhz of the gpu in the system options themselves, all in game mode always, in mode desktop performance is not too good.

One of the options that I would like to see implemented in the application would be frame locking, being able to lock the frame rate at 30 or 40 would be perfect.

In order for us to provide better support, we need to see the log generated by yuzu. This guide will walk you through how you can obtain the log file: Getting Log Files - yuzu

All of those titles you mentioned having issue sadly need more time and work in emu to improve performance - consistency. It isn’t really a problem due to the steamdeck. It can have issues on capable x86-64 windows-linux machines as well.

For me the catalog that can be enjoyed today is impressive, it is the minimum ones that today do not work really well, one of the ones that is really problematic is Mario Strikers: Battle League Football, the frame rate of this title is not stable at more than 10 fps regardless of settings.

I would also like to know from YUZU users or developers what are the best configuration options to get the highest fps rate with the roms we load in the Steam Deck.

Strikers is new yeah it will take some time to perform better here as well. If you join the discord I’m sure they can advise you some things for steamdeck in the linux channel yuzu

Thanks mate.

Another thing that interests me is a follow-up of the news of each of the updates or a project roadmap if possible, today I just had an application update and I don’t know what’s new.

Lot of that is also covered in the discord :stuck_out_tongue: in our #yuzu-updates channel. Alternatively for mainline there is also Releases · yuzu-emu/yuzu-mainline · GitHub but it isn’t the easiest to read for each change, but it does have reference to everything added to each release.

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I can’t enter discord, it tells me invalid invitation, could it be solved?

Any way to make the frame lock provided by the steam deck functional for YUZU to manage?

The invite definitely still works. They also link the same thing from the yuzu website