Would Citra become more advance for custom setting?

First of all, thanks for making this emulator guys, the latest nightly build run perfectly, i played super mario 3d land and it ran 50 fps, but sometime when there’s to many texture on screen, the fps will drop to 30 fps, actually for me that’s fine except for sound, i just wanted to ask, will you create more advance custom setting so we can setting lower or higher for graphic, etc.? IMO that would be great, but now the emulator already very good, sorry if i act like a jerk

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That’s a very reasonable request, but keep in mind that even the devs can’t predict what could be done precisely or give a timeline for such features. but they are constantly updating the rather recent GPU emulation via hardware acceleration.

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Yeah i know, these guys is amazing, when i first download early build, it even won’t boot a homebrew.
I think those features is necessary, but not obligatory, because some heavy games like xenoblade should be given lower setting than just an example super mario. But now, stable version is their priority, so i think patience is what i need