Would it be possible to add "CPU clock Override" to the emulator?

Hi, I have a question, is if you could add the option “Enable CPU clock Override” (so that the game can run at a CPU speed determined according to processor capacity and be accelerated), such as the Dolphin emulator For GameCube and Wii, as in this image

Doesn’t this cause a lot of issues with Dolphin? I’ve heard it’s not recommended to do. But if your experience is different, do let me know!

messing around with the speed is a bad idea and tends to reveal game breaking issues the developers of the games never fixed because they never expected their games to run on a stronger hardware or higher fps than the console allow.


You didn’t read it anywhere ? They don’t recommend it. That’s why. What version was this Dolphin Emulator ? I have the latest and newest one. They removed it.