Xbox One S controller's left analog stick input is no longer being detected in Pokemon Ultra Sun

I have been using my Xbox One S controller to play Ultra Sun in Citra for a few weeks now but a day or 2 ago after updating Citra Nightly to #962 (and higher) the game is no longer able to take any inputs from the left analog stick. This had been working up until I updated and now it seems to be broken specifically only for the left stick. It’s not a problem with my controller because it works fine as per the “Game Controller Tester” app I downloaded from the Windows Store and even the Citra “Input” tab is able to accept my inputs from the left stick when I try to remap it. But for some reason the inputs are not going through to the game. I tried restoring inputs to default and remapping all buttons again but the issue persists.

System Information

Diagnostic Log
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I did not find anything wrong in your log file. Please wait for a moderator to assist.

Go to C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\Citra\config, and move the qt-config.ini file to another folder (this is reset some settings), open citra, reconfigure your inputs, see if that works.

I tried that and reconfigured my settings and inputs but I still have the issue. The left stick inputs aren’t getting picked up in-game but all other buttons work fine.

Are you setting up your left analog stick using the ‘Set Analog Stick’ option?

Yes I am. It gives me the prompt to first move the stick horizontally and then vertically and even detects me making those inputs and maps the stick correctly. It’s just not getting picked up in-game. To try to get around it I mapped the D-Pad buttons individually to the C-stick buttons and even then I can’t move my character in-game using the D-Pad.

there was a input handling change on nightly 962, try 961, extract on a separated folder and reconfigure your inputs. see if that one works.

OK I’ll give that a try once I get the time later today.

@bio3c I tried older nightly builds and I still have the same issue. In fact I tried #953 which was working fine until I updated to #962 and even that doesn’t work for me anymore. I should state that I have originally been using the installable build (that gets installed through a setup.exe) while the older builds I tried were the extract only versions like the one you linked. Is it possible that something went wrong in the configs of my original installed Citra and the older extract builds I’m trying are using those same config files and therefore exhibiting the same issue?

its possible, one thing you can do to test that is to extract citra on any folder, and inside of that folder (where the citra-qt.exe file resides) create a folder named user.

this will put this citra instance into portable mode, which basically tells citra, look for your user folder here and not on C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\Citra\.

now you only need to copy your system archives in the same fashion that they are stored on:
e.g: C:\..\Citra\nand C:\..\Citra\sdmc, user\nand user\sdmc


I’ve had a similar problem. My xbox 360 controller was working perfectly with my own configuration entered into qt-config however after todays update it is not being recognised at all. In fact it resets itself after opening citra… I paste my own controller configuration into qt-config but after opening citra qt-config reverts back to the old controller configuration. Any help would be very much appreciated.

Thanks, Kaile

I think I have finally solved the issue by mapping my left analog stick to “Circle Pad” and my right analog stick to “C-Stick” in the Citra Controls menu in version 970. Up until version 953 I used to have these sticks mapped the other way around and that setup had been working for me so I assumed it should have continued working that way with version 962 and above.

Maybe I had it mapped wrong in #953 to begin with but anyways I’m glad I can play again.

@kaileyves see if this method works for you.