Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Graphics issue

The textures for Xenoblade chronicles 2 is not working properly, although there is no crash the game is not in a playable state.
This issue persists on both opengl and vulkan api.
Pc specs: R5 3600, Vega 64, 32gb RAM
Amd driver version: 20.9.2
yuzu_log.txt (539.4 KB)

You will get this issue in Vulkan if you use Asynchronous GPU. The problem is that to disable async GPU, you also need to disable multicore.

I will try as you said. The yuzu team has done an amazing job to bring this emulator to this state.

I tried it but the same graphic issue but with a lot less fps(5)

Can it be caused due to amd’s latest drivers because they have added support for some vulkan addresses.

Tried everything possible to increase performance but the graphical issues are still there. Hope Someone can help give a solution.

The game needs additional checks implemented to work well, its internal code is quite a mess.
For now, stick to opengl.

Test it with Nvidia Geforce 1060 6gb GTX and I don’t have this graphic glitches, do you play with Update and DLC’s can you tell me how did you do it, for me is not working I tried with many game builds and yuzu builds.

I play with update 2.0.2, but the texture stretch and graphic issues still occur without the update. No dlc’s since it either goes to infinite loading, blank screen or a crash.
You can see my specs in the first comment.
The Same issue occurs with Xenoblade chronicles definitive edition also.

I get this colors in some fights, Satorl Marsh and Eryth Sea, in rest the game works very good.

Flashing colours are caused by asynchronous GPU.
Vertex explosions are caused by lack of checks, show in some drivers.

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Thanks @GoldenX86
Synchronous GPU was off on Vulkan and I didn’t have flashing colors, I should have seen this.
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Did you disable asynchronous gpu without disabling multicore. Hope you can tell me in detail on how to do so.

You can’t, multicore requires async GPU.

Yup I disable asynchronous GPU and multicore enabled.

Can you tell me how you did it because as GoldenX86 said i am unable to disable asynchronous gpu without multicore disabled.

Oh me bad, sorry @XeroKen didn’t check it and now that I have, yup it is true what @GoldenX86 said.
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Then how did you remove the green lighting issue. Hope you can help me out. Also i would like to know if other amd gpu users are having the same texture stretch and graphic issues.

Nope it didn’t remove it from OpenGL, Vulkan showed some improvements with that green light, need to get to Satorl Marsh to check it better.
The red and blue mist when I move they are starting to disappearing and repairing, and it hurts my eyes when he does that, and the older versions have the same problem, but it is much better than when it was Dark World or the grass taking weird dark shape like you have.
In conclusion for me is almost perfect, if it was not for this green lights and disappearing and repairing colored fog or stars and low fps in some regions.

And Xenoblade Chronicles 2 if the the update and dlc’s worked, and no random menu, map, save, etc. freeze and battle crash that will make me a happy camper.

Will there be texture cache rewrite for this game too or is it for all for vulkan api