Xenoblade Chronicles Attacks crash game

So first I tried playing this game on windows 10 with amd 5700xt it was a black grass mess and lag city. I installed a dual boot and fired the game up in Ubuntu The game starts fine. The black grass is gone and the lag is gone. In the first sequence of the game when going through the attack tutorial at the start as soon as I choose an attack that isn’t an auto-attack the animation starts and the game crashes. I changed the swapfile size to 8gb and it still happens. I’ve googled extensively for 2 hours and cant seem to find a fix. So I used auto attacks only to get through that part of the game and got to the next part seeing if it changed anything. Game is fine and runs great…until you do any kind of attack beside autos. Such a strange bug. Any help appreciated.

CPU- AMD 3700x

GPU- AMD 5700 xt

Ram- 16gm

In order for us to provide better support, we need to see the log generated by Citra. This guide will walk you through how you can obtain the log file: How to Upload the Log File.

Please post save file with log attatched

Before upload log try to raise swap file to 25gb and update your gpu driver

I don’t have a save file it crashes before then. I upped the swap to 25g and same thing. https://file.io/f9aNQBRCoIMc

Looks like 1 audio critical fail and 2 video/texture_cache fails.

I don’t have a save file. It never gets to the point I can save.

Here is the profile.dat file though in case it helps. https://www.file.io/download/il0tdTgx67ZH

I can auto attack to a point I can save and get some save files I believe let me try for you.

Driver is up to date?

yeah I got the recommended drivers by Yuzu for AMD on Linux. Ok the bug is also on auto attacks. I get almost to a save point and just auto attacking crashed it too. So kinda screwed on getting a save file for ya.

Can you upload full log file so i can pass it to dev?


There you go.

It is log before game launch. Can you re upload after it crashed? (Don’t reopen yuzu before upload log)