Xenoblade chronicles definitive edition closes random

IM having problems in xenoblade the game runs ok 40 to 60fps but it crashes… closesout of nowhere do you guys now a workaround?? the other weird thing that happens is whenever i am watching a cutscene the characters mouth and eyes closes and opens nonstopyuzu_log.txt.old.txt (4.0 MB)

Have you tried without the mods?

im using some mods 60fps remove sharpening filter only those 2

let me try turning them off

Disabling mods helped played solid 2 hrs without crashing but it still happens but now more rarely

That’s “normal” for now in long gameplay sessions.

i actually fixed the problem, the game was closing due to lack of memory ram 16 wasn’t enogh, what you have to do is change the pagefile memory ram thing on your pc for the problem to be fixed i set mine to 20gb.

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