Year for Android release

Year and Year is going and no idea about the preparing a android emulator .WHY? At least tell about the date or year of launching a emulator for Android.Will it is possibility of coming citra on Android.

Chill dude. Maybe in the next 5 years or so? Citra is still having problems even in high-end computers, it can’t run all 3DS games currently because it’s still in development. Imagine it in android devices?


Dont forget one thing: having an emulator fonctional like this one and for a video game console currently supported , is already reallly great progress and awesome Candy for everyone!
BUT, its normal that it cant be made/compatible with everything… and Android support would ‘‘fun to see’’ but far from being a priority since it works pretty good on Windows.

Also, if you want you can stream Citra to your Android device (even if its low spec) by using your pc’s wifi or by usb tethering, and using the program ‘‘SpaceDesk’’ , as shown here: HOW TO - Use your smartphone as a touch screen for citra

have fun!

Maybe 2025 to 2030 as estimated

Possibly never. An Android port of Citra wouldn’t run Homebrew at more the 1-2 FPS.


  • Citra requires some really advanced graphics systems, which are present in PCs, but not on Android devices. While Citra can be ported, only the most high-end phones have the capability to run a Android port. Details below.

  • Also, the CPU JIT Citra uses doesn’t support ARM CPUs (which most devices use), so speeds will be really low.

Overall, it’s not worth the effort to support Android/iOS. Also, Citra is an open source project. Developers aren’t paid to work on it. They work on whatever they like. And no one is interested in undertaking this job. If you have coding experience, you can try. No one’s stopping you.

Full Details on Graphics

Citra uses an OpenGL 3.3 graphics core. But OpenGL, let alone 3.3 isn’t supported on any Android device. They use something completely different, known as OpenGLES. It’s a monstrous task to port Citra to OpenGLES, but even if it was done, it would need a minimum of OpenGLES 3.1 (I’ll verify the version number). Very very very few devices support that, so just not worth it.

Thanks for reading & good day.

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Its already out!!! 5 years who was the dumb that said that :rofl:

Working at 22 fps first build!!! I have on my cellphone oneplus 6snapdragon 845


Idiot!!! Its already out!

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lol its not going to get full speed for quite a while either for all those reasons adit mentioned. citras been “building” on android for years, but no one wants slow gameplay on citra. and instead of rushing a build to market like that citra on android is, we’d been taking the time to make it faster first.


Yeah, that’s a very recent event. At the time I posted that, no Android version was expected to be seen in the foreseeable future. Somehow, this came as a (pleasant) surprise.
Still, the Android version is unofficial, and hence unsupported currently.

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Now it’s come you must support for development for citra android emulator because it’s working at 22fps and y were saying that it will not work even 1to 2 fps .So at least now you must try to develop citra.Thank You.

Thanks for the post
Very must thank you because I was waiting for citra on Android for 3 to 4 yrs and I was loosing hope because the developer was saying it was impossible or after 10 yrs so thank you.

I can explain what it’s doing & why, but that would involve a hell lot of technical stuff.

@BreadFish64 helped speed it up by making the CPU JIT (dynarmic) work partially on ARM devices (specifically AArch64).

All I did was shove the dolphin emitter into dynarmic’s codebase… the ARMv8 backend is not functional and won’t be until after the android frontend is shipped.

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Honestly just feels like you guys aren’t putting any effort in the Android project. Step up your game

@Mike2 no offence but who do you think you are to ask the developers to “step up (their) game”?

This is a open-source project. If you want something that bad, do it yourself & submit your code. They’ll be more than happy to review & merge it. You aren’t paying the developers anything, are you?

And what do you think, Android is the only ongoing project in Citra? Guess what? It’s not. Lemme list them for you:

  1. MFT AAC decoder.
  2. Making memory layout more accurate for cheats.
  3. Refactoring:
    • Removing global states.
    • Cleaning up pre-C++17 code.
  4. Implementations of yet unimplemented services/stubs.
  5. (Currently on hold as the developer is busy working on #1)
    Open-source Mii Data.
  6. Better Amiibo support. (progress unknown)

…and more.
Forgive me if I missed out something.

Lastly, I would like to assure you that progress is being made on Android. It’s just taking some time as Android Studio isn’t really PnP.

I’ve also not included the names of the developers working on these, as some people might find it amusing to bug them. Sometimes these projects never get finished, and I’ve even seen people sending them hate mail (thankfully not on the Citra project though).

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Some people need to put common sence into there mindset. c++ is time consuming to code properly to emulate such games accurately and moving a pc emulator to a mobile device is no overnight chore specially when devs have other duties in outside world.
And people that say they need to “step up there game” obviously need to get off there lazy butt work on coding for it or work to get paid and put a bounty on it or give citra a new patron member if your not one of those contributors then you have no right to complain

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I disagree, you can, and should complain, but don’t bug the developers. Development takes time. Be patient, or just do it yourself.

You have no right to force the developers to work on anything.

i’ll put in as many hours into android as you do. i expect from you at least one android related pull request a week. fair trade? good. now get to work on it and stop telling others what to do you lazy user.


How to know that citra android will be official too?