Yo-Kai Watch 2 - How to unlock Mystery Way in Citra

Help…How to unlock Yo-Kai Watch 2 - Mystery Way in Citra?

you can link with someone using citra multiplayer functionality, either with a friend online (on the same network works too) or setting up a local room and linking with two citra instances:

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There’s an option to link the games. If you have both versions, you can link alone, or ask somebody to link through the online multiplayer. Both need to have different versions of this game, and have reached San Fantastic in it. After you link it, talk to Mister E in front of the Abandoned House in San Fantastico and you can unlock it.


Thanks guyz…:grinning:

Hi, we could do a citra room together for the link because I can’t get to the instances of citra A link Yo-Kai Watch 2 specter psychic